Student’s Evaluation of Candidats of President

A student evaluates candidates of president who are fighting is, sometimes, very difficult to do it, because students are always defined independently. This position made students’ points of view have been sceptically to the election’s contestants, even as the election it self is evaluated sceptically. In fact, after people power, 1998, Indonesian nation have received more of thing, whether development and implementation of new political system, security system, and economical growing. Conscious or no, quick or late, Indonesian nation are running to the genuine consolidation of democracy.

The first election of president have been. Even if the sum of vote is continuing, step by step, turn up two candidates who have the biggest opportunity to achieve the second election of president, they are Susilo Bambang Yudoyono – Yusuf Kalla and Megawati Soekarnoputri – Hasyim Muzadi.

Before evaluate the two candidates of president, the first question is how much important role of president of Indonesian Republic to operates activities of Indonesian society? Perhaps, there are or no the president, it doesn’t influence being of Indonesian society. If that, whoever will be a president, ideal or no, that’s no problem for our society. President is only as symbol of harmony of Indonesian society’s life.

So that, minimal standard of Indonesian’s president is who when be a president doesn’t do anything, because thus, it will give the society opportunity to do their activities choosing. The problem in a government is when govern does actions that destroys and againts society’s morality, freedom, wealthy, welfare, ect.

In the transition of democracy like this, the first must to be developed is economy, because from this sector will rise the power of civil society that is educated and conscious on their interests as citizen. Barrington Moor said explicitly of that in a famous phrase in democracy studies: “no bourgeois, no democracy!” Economical development will be reached only in a good stability, where security guarantee and political stability are in our life of nation.

Who between the two candidates have fulfilled such criteria? Both have similar leadership character. Megawati lead silently. And Susilo Bambang Yudoyono lead carefully. Both don’t like make the public polemics in media. Both, sure, have any defect, but both have fulfilled minimal standard to be a president of Indonesia now. And as a good citizen of Indonesia, we must be optimistic for them.

§ This paper is presented at a meeting in Pare University of Harvard, 17th Jun 2004

© Saidiman is a MIE’s student in Harvard

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